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Two massive towers

Flight = Auckland - Kuala Lumpur 2.35pm - 8.35pm (1.35am)

Exchange rate $1NZ = $2.3R

18th November

Taxi into city (1hr) = 73.50R = $30NZ. Awesome taxi driver who pointed out all the sights to us on the way. Drove at about 180km/hr and there was no seat belts. Great welcome to South East Asia! We went over a toll road and I asked when the government built it hence why they were still paying tolls. Taxis driver explained that the road wasn't built and owned by the government but one mega rich guy owns it!
Could have caught a bus which would take 1.5hrs for 8R each ($4) or the KLIA Ekspres train which takes 25 mins 35R ($16) each

Hotel = My Hotel at Sental in Brickfields area $46NZ. One minute walk to Sentral transport station (access to monorail, trains, buses and taxis) and in Indian district of Kuala Lumpur. Hotel was clean but noisy.

Total = $76

19th November

Woke up at around 7am and made chris get out of bed cause I was so excited and wanted to go exploring. Walk outside the hotel and were hit by a blast of hot humid air. Everything was dirty and dusty but filled with a sense of activity and culture.
We were a bit disorientated and had no idea where we should head for breakfast. We easly found the Sentral transport center and things were just beginner to open. Chris wanted a Sausage McMuffin from McDonalds! 8.10R ($4) I couldn't believe and didn't want to sink that low so I said I would wait and see what we find in the center of the city
It took us a while to figure out what was the best way to get into the center of the city and what train we should be catching. After about 30mins we figured out that the train we needed was below us (hence why we were having trouble) but the tickets were 1.6R (50c) each after about 10mins we got off at the KLCC station. The KLCC station ended up being a MASSIVE mall! After awhile of wandering around this mall we decided we would head back into the heat to try and find the Petronas towers. However once we got outside and looked up we realized we had been inside them already!

Petronas Towers

Petronas Towers

We had lunch in the Petronas Towers food court (food courts tend to be the cheapest place to eat if you dont want street food. We had an indian curry 6R ($3) and BBQ chicken on noodles 7R ($3) and the most AMAZING watermelon juice 5R ($2.5).

We really wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie as it premiered in NZ the night we left! We headed up to the movies to ask how much it was and we thought he said 30R ($15) each, but it was actually 13R ($7)! So that was a must!

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring more and more shopping malls and dodging the rain. The malls were fantastic and all decked out in Xmas decorations.

Who said Asia dosnt celebrate Xmas!

Who said Asia dosnt celebrate Xmas!

A must for me was to go to the Times Square mall because it has the largest indoor theme park in the world!



Chris got a belt for 40R ($20)
Sandals 50R ($25)
Mon got a top 15R ($7)
Both had strawberry teas 3.7R ($2)
Nando's for dinner 40R ($20)
Caught the monorail 3.2R ($1) back to our hotel ($46) which was again a one minute walk away.

Total = ($89) (Not including prepaid hotel)

20th November

We got up early and got to the Petronas towers by 8am but still missed out of tickets. Luckily we were able to get two tickets off a scalper outside for 30R ($15).

View from up the towers

View from up the towers

I had an apple lassi for breakfast 4.8R ($2). Malaysia is defiantly the country of drinks! Soooo many yum ones.
I got some Puma shoes 160R ($80). We came across a mall with 6 floors or entirely electronics!
Chris bought his stripy blue shorts 32R ($15)

We headed to china town which was chocablock with scalpers. Chris bought a Liverpool shirt 32R ($15).

Petronas Towers from the park at night

Petronas Towers from the park at night

Total = $144

21st November

We caught the train in the opposite direction to Midvally Megamall 2R ($1).
We discovered Aunt Annie's soft pretzels 3.2R, cup of corn 2.3R and the amazing doughnuts 2.3R ($3.5)

We caught the KLIA Ekspres train which takes 25 mins 35R ($16) each out to the airport.
Finally we arrived in Phuket, Thailand where we fell like the adventure can really start! We caught the public bus from the airport to Phuket town 170B ($8) which took about an hour (much cheaper than getting an taxi/shuttle) Driving through the city and country was totally different to what I imagined Phuket to be like. The bus dropped us off at the central bus station where we got our first taste of being malled by tuktuk drivers! We finally got a man to understand where we wanted to go and he took us to our hotel which was kinda on the outskirts of town 250B ($12). BEAUTIFUL room though and really worth it!

Prepaid accommodation = Rattana Residence = $20

The road that Rattana Residence is on

The road that Rattana Residence is on

Total = $69 (excluding accommodation)

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